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About 200 newspaper advertising experts will attend the 22nd World Newspaper Advertising Conference in Prague on 1st and 2nd March. WAN-IFRA will provide summaries of each speaker's presentation during the event. Check back on our blog for the latest updates.

Welcome to coverage of Digital Media events.

The World Editors Forum is the organisation within the World Association of Newspapers devoted to newspaper editors worldwide. The Editors Weblog (, launched in January 2004, is a WEF initiative designed to facilitate the diffusion of information relevant to newspapers and their editors.

World Publishing Expo & Digital Content Expo

The leading exhibition for technology to publish news on mobile, in print and online, featuring the two free conferences – Digital Media World & Print World – plus expert Guided Tours.

The news publishing industry is experiencing transformation at an ever-growing pace, with new policy issues arising as the landscape changes.

We will be examining policy discussions that will define the news publishing environment of the future, the key topics being internet governance, privacy and copyright. Click here to learn more about our work.

WAN-IFRA Media Policy team and experts.

This is the blog for the Nordic Local Media Conference 2012, held 30-31 May in the World Trade Center, Stockholm. Full information about the event, including the programme, is available here.

Managing user comments in an increasingly toxic online environment is one of the main challenges for newsrooms. This blog features the 2016 Global Online Comment Report and highlights issues of related interest.

More than 305 media executives gathered in Singapore for Publish Asia 2019. WAN-IFRA is providing summaries of speaker presentations during the conference. Visit the blog for the latest updates.

Journalists and sport experts from all over the world will gather at the home stadium of Real Madrid in Madrid, Spain, on 29 and 30 March for the International Sports News Conference. WAN-IFRA will provide summaries of each speaker's presentation during the event. Check back on our blog for the latest updates.

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Le projet le plus passionnant reste encore celui à venir !

Je suis David Sallinen, responsable pour la WAN-IFRA de programmes de formations et de solutions d’accompagnement pour les medias qui veulent accélérer leurs stratégies sur le numérique, optimiser le print et introduire de nouvelles dynamiques éditoriales ou commerciales.

Ce blog, TheNextStep traitera de toutes les initiatives prises pour adapter les organisations de presse et de media aux nouveaux environnements concurrentiels et technologiques. En fait, nous vivons une phase de transition numérique inédite que chaque entreprise, organisation doit affronter avec son histoire, ses particularités et ses contraintes pour se réinventer.

Cette inévitable adaptation passe part le pilotage de multiples projets (nouveaux produits et services, nouveaux process, nouvelles compétences, nouvel état d’esprit…) que je vais partager avec vous.

Le plus passionnant étant toujours le projet à venir, je dédie ce blog aux professionnels engagés dans la transformation de leurs organisations qu’elles soient commerciales ou éditoriales, afin de partager les bonnes pratiques. Je me ferai également écho des « Innovation Day », événements réservés aux professionnels médias et aux entrepreneurs du numérique pour réimaginer les medias.

Ce blog est ouvert à vos remarques et suggestions.

N’hésitez pas à me joindre pour me soumettre vos suggestions ou faire appel à notre expertise.


The most exciting project is always the one you are about to start!

I am David Sallinen - in charge of WAN-IFRA's training and consultancy programmes for those media looking to accelerate their digital strategies, optimise the return from print, and introduce new editorial and sales dynamics.

This blog - TheNextStep - deals with all the initiatives we embark on for media as well as taking a look at the emerging landscapes in technology and markets.

We are living in a time of unprecedented transition in which each organisation has to adapt within the confines of its own abilities, legacy and limitations. In some cases it is proving necessary to completely reinvent ourselves.

That process begins with multiple pilot project (new products and services, new processes, new skills, new attitudes...) which is what I intend to share with you via the blog.

The most exciting project is always the one yet to begin, and this blog is dedicated to professionals engaged in transforming their media organisations whether editorially or commercially so as to share notes and compare best practice. I will also be mentioning the "Innovation Day" events we organise for media professionals and entrepreneurs who are busy rethinking the shape of media.

I welcome your remarks and suggestions and don't hesitate to contact me with them or to call on our expertise.

Este el blog de WAN-IFRA LATAM, la filial latinoamericana de WAN-IFRA.

Aquí encontrarás nuestras últimos artículos, entrevistas, resúmenes y coberturas de nuestros eventos. 

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Este é o blog da WAN-IFRA LATAM, a subsidiária da WAN-IFRA na América Latina.

Aqui você vai encontrar os nossos mais recentes artigos, entrevistas, relatórios, resumos e cobertura dos nossos eventos.

Para mais informações sobre WAN-IFRA LATAM, visitar ou siga-nos no Twitter, Facebook e Instagram.

This is the blog of WAN-IFRA LATAM, WAN-IFRA's subsidiary in Latin America.

Here you'll find our latest articles, interviews, reports, summaries and coverage of our events.

For more information about WAN-IFRA LATAM visit, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The 71st World News Media Congress, the 26th World Editors Forum and the 3rd Women in News Summit took place from 1 - 3 June 2019 in Glasgow, Scotland.

In this blog, WAN-IFRA provides previews, interviews, summaries of the presentations and other useful information about the Congress.

Participants were also very active on Twitter throughout the event under the hashtag #wnmc19.

In 2011 the newspaper world gathered in Vienna, Austria for IFRA Expo 2011, 63rd World Newspaper Congress and 18th World Editors Forum.

This is the event's live blog.

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