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Tools against fake news

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Tools against fake news

This former finance journalist of London is spending his time with a team of six people trying to discover the best stories, photos and videos from social media in Asia. And for that is indispensable being able to discern what is actually true from what is fabricated.

Storyful’s approach starts with something simple: identifying the author and asking the classical 5W. But they also apply some technology to double check: visual clues in the case of videos and photos are crucial, and for that they use tools like Google Street View, satellite images (to pin down locations) and Google Images.

“Reverse image search is the easiest thing and is going to save you a lot of problems,” he said. “It catches amazing stuff.”

Martin alerts of the “real threat from fake news in Asia,” a problem that has many layers.

For example, “politicians are using them as a weapon against journalists. We have to be very cautious: the term can be used against press freedom.”

Hence, it becomes essential to use all the resources out there to be protected. Some of them:;; storyful multisearch chrome extension. 


Paloma Almoguera


2017-04-20 07:51

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