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Changes in the newsroom

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Changes in the newsroom

"Turmoil" is the word that Sirgoo Lee, chief digital officer of JoongAngIlbo (South Korea), chooses to define today’s media situation. He explains how South Korean’s second largest daily newspaper and leading multimedia news publisher launched Asia’s first internet news portal. “Digital transformation is a very difficult journey, but we made the decision to cross. We believe that there will be revenue awaiting at the other side”, he said. Lee assured that they experienced a change in consumer practices (video more preferred than text) and explained how the role of journalists has changed: “before they were the leaders of transformation, now they are the subjects of it”. The old model of “legacy media company”, he added, has morfed into “tech-savvy company”.


His colleague Park Chang Hee, chief operating officer of JoongAngIlbo since 2014, believes that when embracing the digital transformation “we should be hopeful and audacious: let’s do what we should do, although we should have done it long time ago”. He admits that their brand-new newsroom is “still in process to being brainwashed. They have to write different stories, using new technology. They passed through different phases: denial, anger… That is now over and everybody has kind of accepted it. Some adapt better than others though”. “We implemented a new culture, an IT (Information Technology) department”, he added, and said that they are “still in the process” to finalize the change. However, they don’t plan to charge the online content “in the immediate future”, unlike the trend seen in other publications.  In the case of Anandan Thangasamy, manager of technical services at Star Media Group (Malaysia) and expert in technical and operation aspects of modern mailroom, the focus has been in something completely different. It has relied on in-house innovations in print, allowing the group to protect its revenue. A variety of options that shows something: the ways of change are inscrutable.



Paloma Almoguera


2017-04-20 19:02

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