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Print plus digital, not print versus digital

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Print plus digital, not print versus digital

Furthermore, print and media development have to go hand by hand, although the focus now has to be on “how to become digitally sustainable before becoming print unsustainable”.  Even though that can seem a conundrum, Señor has a hopeful message to send: “We are very firm that there is a bright future and a lot of money can be made”. In order to achieve that he insists that the key is to migrate from ad revenue to reader revenue, which requires a sine qua non condition: “if you are not charging for digital content, you should not be publishing. We are losing money and trust”, Señor emphasized.


The paradox lies on stopping protecting print to be able to preserve its survival. “To charge or not to charge is not the question. The question is: what can we charge for and how to charge for it? Do I have content worth paying?”. Forget, Señor argues, about the classical 5 W of journalism, the questions to ask are “how, why and what is next” whilst applying some of the fundamentals of economy, like finding the scarcity in order to find the money. Looking for content that tv, radio and buzzfeed can’t provide. Aiming to move from “clicks to clocks” (from page views to the time the reader spends on the article). This is the first time in history, Señor said, that “there is an alignment between editors and publishers”, both looking at the so called cost per hour (cph). Reader revenue should be at least 40 percent of the digital revenue, according to Señor’s team. But how to get readers to pay? Without a digital salvation or a miraculous formula, Señor looks again at more fundamentals, but this time from the journalism field: “what really matters is wild ideas and crazy people. People follow people”, he said. And his experience says that a healthy digital model is followed by a reinvigorated print one.



Paloma Almoguera


2017-04-19 10:48

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