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Making News for the Millennials in a Digital Age

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Making News for the Millennials in a Digital Age

"The whole spirit of doing this is to reach the Millennials," said Joey Chung on the Digital Media Asia 2015 about a new pitch of making and marketing news to a mass audience.

As the co-founder and CEO of News Lens, one of the fastest growing new digital news sites in Asia which was started in mid 2013, Joey Chung, is one of the typical examples of doing multimedia journalism in a digital age belongs to the younger generation.

He elaborated his idea by showing one case he had come across at the early time of establishing the News Lens. After receiving different e-mails pointing out the problems of the new-born website, he said he started to realize how interesting it could be of making news in a digital way and of course, the potential of the new kind of journalism.

Without any investment at front, his team actually put the whole site based on a Facebook page before the final product come into being. "We tried to make news more attractive and interesting to young audiences, presenting it in a form that they would like," he said.

The team did wide and specific market research around various districts, firstly in Taipei. They found that the average time the Millennials finishing a video while taking a subway was about 90 seconds, so it naturally genders a conviction that "making videos that fit for that time length ."

Chung said it was the platform people reading news that really matters, with the advent of digital age, there would be a large scale of time spent on consuming news contents on mobile devices such as iphone or ipad, and that is what the breaking point would be for the News Lens website.

"We try to make news as transparent as possible, trying to explain and summarize what we chose to present to the readers," he said, although they had received many investments from different media groups or organizations like Washington Post, and the news site of highly creativity is growing steadly, there are still much more to be done in the near future, just as Chung said:" The whole thing is just a start-up." 


Ethan Liu


2015-11-19 19:23

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