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The writing is on.... the floor?

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The writing is on.... the floor?

Over at the GAMI (Global Alliance for Media Innovation) booth, there are any number of offbeat ideas – but why would you want a floor that tells you what to do?

Lars and Mads explain: “We imagine that it could be used in conjunction with magazines – so we're thinking about a fitness magazine, for example. The magazine gives you a workout programme and the LED floor gives you guidance, but also has sensors to see where you put your feet and hands while you're doing a push-up. The floor can see how you move and monitor your heart rate, so with a little more input from the user – age, etc.- we can take that data back and match it with the magazine's database."

They continue, "If it turns out that you do or you don't match up with the rate expected of your age group, then the magazine might direct related content to you personally via your phone. The goal is very much to build a closer relationship between the customer and the publisher.”



Steve Shipside


2015-10-07 13:10

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