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Auxen: online plagiarism checker and lead generator for publishers

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Auxen: online plagiarism checker and lead generator for publishers

Sponsored Post by Auxen

Eindhoven, September 25th 2015

There’s no doubt that the possibilities of digital copying and spreading of work have increased through the internet. In addition, the difference between producer and consumer, as made in copyright laws, is outdated. A blogger is a consumer as well as a producer of information.

An increasing number of internet users is aware of the fact that illegal copying of movies, tv shows, music or software is equivalent to theft. However for articles there is still a long way to go before people are aware of that and the question is: “Will it ever happen?”.

A lot people see articles not as the outcome of hard work, but as information that has always been there.

The internet user seems to forget that it needs a professional to dig up the info, arrange it and make it into a good story. Sometimes the professional himself seems to forget that. One of the reasons that copyrights are infringed on a massive scale, is that journalists are not careful with it as well. It’s striking to see that a lot of journalists still think copying is allowed when a citation is placed next to the copy.

Nevertheless, lately there’s a growing interest in gaining insight in the online (re)use of content and the willingness to contact websites that use other people's content.

Publishers realise they have to adapt to the laws of the internet where the traditional revenue models are bringing in less money on the one hand, but offer plenty of new opportunities on the other. Online copies damage their business model because they decrease the uniqueness of the content. The copy competes with the original article in the search engines and can cause a drop in ranking. For freelancers and publishers illegal copies make it difficult to sell the work again because the content is already available online for free.

But, if you look at it from a commercial perspective, there’s a lot of new business out there!  The websites that plagiarize the publishers’ content show a demand in their product: channels looking to publish content to an audience the publisher wouldn’t have reached otherwise. These websites are potential new subscribers, advertisers, customers for content licenses, undiscovered competitors or even business partners.

Auxen is a new app that checks for plagiarism online and by doing that generates leads at the same time. With this tool small and big digital publishers, but also freelance journalists and bloggers, can easily track plagiarism and discover new leads for their business.

Publishers, journalists and bloggers can monitor their articles for plagiarism once or in a repetitive rythm. The articles are imported automatically. Next Auxen starts scanning the web, searching for duplicates of the original and therefore leads. The user is updated by the latest developments through detailed notifications. All gathered data is presented clearly in a personal dashboard and can be shared easily.

“There’s a lot of plagiarism tools on the market that either don’t function well, are too complex, or they just don’t serve the growing market of digital content producers. Auxen has the ambition to offer a better product that’s faster, more accurate and more user-friendly.” Marcus van de Kerkhof

The application was tested the last couple of months through cooperations with renowned publishing companies like ANP, FD and Wegener Media. Now it’s time for the rest of the world to experience Auxen, that’s why we chose the World Publishing Expo 2015 in Hamburg to introduce our product worldwide.

About us:

We have been monitoring the web for plagiarism for media companies in The Netherlands and Belgium (like De Persgroep, Telegraaf Media Groep and Mediargus) since 2010. Auxen is part of Matchhamster BV, expert in online content monitoring solutions. Matchhamster is a Dutch startup that participated in the Rockstart Accelerator Web and Mobile program in 2014 in Amsterdam and San Francisco. The company is run by the four co-founders Marcus van de Kerkhof, Yuri Martens, Dennis Bottram and Tony Rositano.

For more info about Auxen, visit or contact Yuri Martens (Tel. 0031652716898 or by email



2015-09-29 11:45

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