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Paid content strategies

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Paid content strategies

The report covers the most critical issues facing news publishers who are considering to launch paid content services on their websites, those who are launching today, and the pioneers who have been charging for content for years.

In fact, we tend to forget that despite the wave of recent paid content efforts, in reality the last 15 years have seen many attempts by publishers to build user-funded revenue models for content on news websites.

The report features a historical timeline describing these initiatives and their outcomes, leading up to today's "dash for cash."

Then the report delves into the key questions, options and processes of preparing and implementing digital paid content strategies. Quite simply, "It does not end the day the 'paywall' is introduced – it's a marathon," the report says.

Numerous case studies of publishers' strategies will be featured that shed light on how this marathon project can play out over time. WAN-IFRA talks to the top executives involved to get their insights to how such projects impact the entire organisation.

"As we have learned while working on paid content strategies this last year, the entire strategic thinking, preparation and launch process is extremely interesting and healthy for news companies," says WAN-IFRA's Valérie Arnould, author of the report. "From top management down, it inspires employees and unveils many opportunities and unexploited valuable assets (some of them even hidden)"

Be sure to check out the Paid Content session starting at 15:30 on Monday and keep your eyes open: there are a few dozen copies of an excerpt of the report available this week.


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