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Trends in Digital Media

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Trends in Digital Media

In the digital age, newer technologies are coming up on almost a daily basis. Hence in a way it is an advantage to be late in the digital world because you get the better technology. Speaking from Frankfurt via Skype, Dr. Stig Nordqvist, Executive Director of Business Development and Emerging Digital Platforms, WAN-IFRA gave the delegates a peek in the digital platforms as of today. He spoke about Digital Innovations: Trends from around the World. Dr. Nordqvist has worked as a researcher, consultant, trainer and media professional since 1990. “Information business has never gone out of fashion,” says he. According to him, the global media industry still struggles with the fact that digital news business is and will be different from print.

Limiting an organisation to only one medium of information will not help the organisation in today’s world. There are incredible market opportunities for publishers investing in digital media strategies in India. The mobile market too has risen drastically and is proving to be an important source of information and advertising.

The newspaper organisations must know that the future digital customers are not different from the print customers. Crossmedia presence will help the organisations in establishing a faithful consumer base and it is the need of tomorrow.

Organisations must understand big data and go beyond the present strategies. Innovative offerings to advertisers and consumers definitely help the sales.

Mobile, tablets and online media are the most prominent emerging digital platforms today. However, Dr. Nordqvist stressed the point that consumer behaviour is different on tablet, online, and mobile and hence it is not smart to use the same content for all three platforms.


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