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Cross promotion of print and online advertising

Gehan Blok, the Head of Digital Media, Wijeya Newspapers Ltd, Sri Lanka talked about how the Wijeya Newspaper Ltd manages its multimedia revenue operations. Starting off with a joke ha said, “Sri Lanka is known for its beautiful locales and equally bad political administration.” Out of a population of 22 million, 19 million people are mobile users. SMS/MMS alerts are a good way of informing people about news and events and earn revenue too. Wijeya newspapers made use of this opportunity. Internet does not have huge penetration in SL but almost every person using internet has a Facebook profile and this was another platform with Twitter that was used to reach the audience.

Wijeya newspapers became very active in the digital media market in SL through its various initiatives like social media pages, SMS/MMS alerts, live event coverage etc. In social media, the fan base is very small but the advantage is that we have a hub for all our pages which leads to sharing of news on all pages at the same time. Interactive content on the websites has led to more people knowing about the initiatives. Gehan feels, “Print and digital media must be like brothers complimenting each other.” SMS comments for print articles were another strategy that the group started. For mobile apps they created iReporter option wherein readers get to contribute and the content is published in the newspapers as well as on the website. SMS alert sent to service providers. Novel ideas were started on Facebook keeping in mind what people will like and what will get shared the most. Social media posts are carried in the newspapers and people buy them to locate their names in them.

The group got advertisers and tied up with organisations which led to them getting revenue. Another interesting idea is that there is no advertising of the group itself to acquire fans and followers. Monetisation is done through product extensions. Event coverage through cash is done for lifestyle events who request coverage of their events. Also the web banners, advertisements of other brands on their web pages, also got in revenues.

Multimedia presence of an organisation helps in growth of the finances and this can be seen through the example of Wijeya newspapers. 


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2012-09-26 12:13

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