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Top ideas for engaging young people

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Top ideas for engaging young people

“Don’t forget the journalism,” she added, as this is what young people value more and more.

“We can also learn from youth,” said Gregory Kunis, Managing Director of Russian news outlet Moi Rayon, highlighting a summer internship programme run by a newspaper in Glazov in Russia, where 15 teenagers produced 500 stories in one summer.

McMane and Kunis offered 30 ideas to engage young readers. Here is a selection of the most interesting:

- Photojournalism workshop, as run by the Brazilian paper Jornal da Manha. The paper sent a photo journolist to schools to teach students to take journalistic pictures with their cellphones. The children were then invited to send their photos into the newspaper.

- Reality check of public relations - a school newspaper in Luxembourg ran a project that invite students to take pictures of places that they saw in advertising or PR material and compare the ads with the reality.

- My Dream Interview – a WAN-IFRA project that calls for school teams to research and create questions for a prominent person and submit them to the newspaper, then the newspaper makes the best interview happen and prints it. 2000 students worldwide participated in the first round.

- Focus on the European Union – a Russian paper, Strana Kaliningrad launched a competition for children to write about how Europe related to them. It is the sort of project that could attract funding from the EU.

- The same paper launched a youth magazine by kids for kids – 90% of the magazine for 7-15 year-olds is produced by them. It is low cost but attracts a lot of interest and is now profitable, with 4,400 copies sold weekly.

- Youth cartoonists: Jawa Pos in Indonesia asked its young readers to design cartoon strips.

- Target the grandparents: an Indian paper called Sakal has offered gift subscriptions to grandparents, and provided ideas about spending time with grandchildren in the paper. Circulation is up 10% since the start of the project.

McMane also mentioned some “great ideas that are yet to come:”

- A youth newsroom of the future, in which children would create a newspaper then buy it (St Etienne)

- A festival of social media newsgathering for teens

- A journalism storybook for the tablet

- A digital reporter game –an un-boring game that teaches kids about professional newspaper

You may download Ms McCane's and Ms Kunis's presentation on slideshare


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