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Don’t wait, prepare for change NOW! (video)

World News Publishing Focus

World News Publishing Focus
Your Guide to the Changing Media Landscape

Don’t wait, prepare for change NOW! (video)

  1. How culture change leads to multimedia: He says culture change is the foundation for multimedia model success. “The old print culture will not fit into the new container of new media. I believe fundamentally that there are far too many people in print touching digital and not enough digital people touching print. When I talk to publishers all over the world, this is what our members ask: ‘What is our growth path, how do we become more relevant and how do we manage complexity?'”
  2. Organising models: Three basic models are emerging focusing on the consumer, print vs. digital and competencies. Wilkinson says a number of publishers today are focusing on making print profitable and growing digital. As for competencies, he said, “Competencies determine products; products do not determine competencies.”
  3. Multimedia changes what we market: “We all know how to market a print product, websites, mobile, apps… the problem is that that is too much complexity. You  cannot market all these products. You have to market the brand.”
  4. Prepare now for the smartphone revolution: “The napkin conversation device goes like this: 86 percent of the population has mobiles today, but only 33 percent have connection to the Internet, but the gap is closing quickly. You better be prepared.”
  5. People equation = attracting and retaining talent: Wilkinson says publishers he talks to all have the same problem: identifying, actually hiring, then keeping top talent for today’s complex requirements.

He closes by saying, “All of this is facing you in the next five years, but I would argue that is facing you now and you have to prepare.”

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