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Around the World in 60 Minutes: USA

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Around the World in 60 Minutes: USA

Therefore it essential for publishers to figure out how to monetise items of content in a way that still functions when it is accessed outside of their websites, for example through social media. Video lends itself well to this as the advertising can be contained in the video itself.

Digital advertising is currently unstable, but given that news publishers only have a 2.2% share of digital advertsing in the USA, it is too early to abandon it as a potential model, believes Narisetti. “We have rushed towards paywalls,” he says, but he urges publishers to take advantage of how well they know their audiences to try to come up with better advertising.

Mobile consumption is the future, he believes, and this means that the energy that publishers are spending putting walls around their websites might not necessarily be constructive – they should be focusing on mobile.

Narisetti has several predictions for the US newspaper market:

  • Most newspaper paywalls will fail to generate enough revenue to sustain their business.
  • The golden age of digital advertising is still to come: we have been putting print ads online for 15 years and there is potential for more creativity.
  • We all have great content, but we need to be able to take that great content and create an exciting experience out of it. We have been focusing on integrating print and online but what we need to do is to integrate technology and content.
  • We will redefine the role of a journalist to also include bringing more people to consume journalism, through social media and more.


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