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The Telegraph’s app roadmap

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The Telegraph’s app roadmap

Taylor presented the app roadmap that the Telegraph took in developing and ultimately launching its tablet app.

That roadmap included the experience of developing the app over a number of years, launching and testing the app to gain valuable feedback to improve the product, and ultimately creating a coherent monetisation strategy.

“Getting your head around how your users will use the app and content is absolutely critical and I don’t think companies do enough of that,” he said.  “I am interested in how people feel after they put that device down. And please make everything you do on these devices as simple as possible.”

After launching Version 1 of the Telegraph tablet app, users were asked to give feedback. They wanted finite content, daily editions without updates, familiar elements of the Telegraph, features like crosswords and Sodoku, it must be simpler to use, and they were unwilling to pay.

“Naturally, we were thrilled with this feedback, but we also knew that we had to figure out how to monetise this,” he said. “So we gave them what they wanted with Version 2, but we charged them for it.”

That included the crosswords that he said “went through the roof,” even a Telegraph Weekly edition, apps for the World Cup, image galleries and more.

For monetising, he cited these key considerations:

  • Offer a free trial of app/content
  • Offer print free access
  • Be thoughtful with ads; apps are not web
  • Consider both in-app purchars and subscriptions
  • Leverage partnerships to get apps preinstalled
  • Offer a single sign-on across channels
  • Losing dollars to an app store is not bad if users are buying
  • Ensure it’s very clear to users what they get for their money



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