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Digital on all fronts with CNN

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Digital on all fronts with CNN

“I admire what the New York Times has done with their subscription model and I think what is so critical there and for all of us is the exchange of information and conversation with our customers as we move forward,” he said.

Mr Bale talked about the various digital initiatives CNN is pursuing and how it is trying to leverage its well-known brand and inherent TV know-how to excel digitally.

Four themes permeate CNN’s digital philosophy he said: curiosity, community, curation and capability.

Curiosity means creating those editorial projects that touch people lives like CNN’s recent Freedom Project: Freedom from Slavery. More and more, he says CNN wants to be involved in advocacy issues and projects. “This is why I got into journalism to report about such topics. This project had no real commercial element to it, but you could imagine how it could down the road.”

Of course CNN is pursing all digital revenue potential, but he said, “there is a lot of courage involved in what we are trying to do, and not just in the business models.” He cited other similar editorial efforts from the Financial Times, the Guardian, and The Times of London.

Community means getting more active on everything social. That also means expanding and improving CNN’s iReport project where it invites viewers to repoort about what they see around the world.

CNN recently bought Zite to bolster its curration capabilities for news. Mr Bale says, “You will start to see algorithmic curation coming into the fore and making great strides to present the most relevant news.”

But it is CNN’s TV know-how that Mr Bale says will be crucial to expand its audience and reach in the next years. Renowned reporter Christian Amanpour recently came back to CNN and Mr Bale was tasked to create a platform where she could interact with her loyal audience and extend her and CNN’s reach. Social media is highly integrated on the site for this, curation as well.



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