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Data is the key to understanding

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Data is the key to understanding

Digital media allows massive amounts of data to be gathered about customers and their habits, says Mr Rose. “Once you understand true behaviour, it gives you knowledge to adjust your content, adjust your advertising, adjust your offering,” he says.

“Analytics and measurement tools enable you to better understand the audience you engage with today and anticipate their priorities tomorrow,” he says. Yet too few CEOs exploit the data as they should.

Technology is generally used in two ways, he says – to create more efficient workflows to save money, and to expand digital businesses.  “Ninety-five per cent is to enable digital strategies,” Mr Rose says.

“The real value comes from the second half,” he says. “When you’re doing digital transformation, think about the role of data in your organisation, to understand consumer preferences, to gain insight.”


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Larry Kilman


2012-04-12 12:29

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