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Are free newspapers still a valid model?

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Are free newspapers still a valid model?

So why start a free newspaper today?

Pichai Chuensuksawadi, Editor-in-chief of Post Publishing, presented the case of M2K, a free newspaper launched in Bangkok last year.

Successful free newspapers exist in many new markets, “but you just can’t transplant everything and bring it here, you really have to know your market and what your strengths are,” says Mr Chunsuksawadi.

The first step is to identify the needs of the market, of the audience, of the advertisers. Mr Chunsuksawadi made a  case for extensive research through demographic data, focus groups and – most importantly – through talks with newspaper companies that have launched free newspapers elsewhere.

In the case of Post Publishing, the goal was to reach the nearly 3 million young professionals who travel into central Bangkok every day, and who are seeking a quick jolt of information in the run-up to their working day.

Mr Chunsuksawdi said the key elements to any free newspaper strategy included identifying the need and sources of revenue, be first to the market and the market leader, to offer the right content mix, manage printing costs and have efficient distribution, and continuously promote the free paper.

“Most important is to learn from others, and adjust to your environment,” he says.


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2012-04-12 05:47

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