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Profiting from social and mobile media

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Profiting from social and mobile media

The regional Swedish publisher sees social media as a growth area – its social business produced US$15 million in turnover last year, had a 25 per cent profit margin and is growing by 25 per cent each year. Stampen’s social platforms reach 38 per cent of all households in a country that has a population of 9 million.

“The strategy over the past five years is to invest in, develop and internationalize companies that are leaders in collaborative media,” says Pelle Mattisson, CEO of Stampen Media Partner, which is responsible for the social and mobile businesses of the Stampen Group.

His presentation included examples of both.

Stampen’s Family Life platform is the largest family related site in Sweden, with 50 per cent of all 25- to 35-year-old women participating in the discussion forum – it has the highest reach of any media, television included, among that group in Sweden, and most of the content is user generated. Over 30,000 comments are generated every day.

The social environment offers new opportunities for advertisers. “It takes advertising a step further,” he says. “Surveys, competitions, draws, quizzes, organised by advertisers who want to interact with customers. Advertising becomes more like the content. It’s almost like Vogue, where every other page is advertising, but it’s interactive.”

Family Life is just one example – Stampen has similar cases with fashion and beauty, sports, weddings and more.

In the area of mobile, Mr Matthison presented the case of Mobiento, a world leader in mobile marketing, and Tulo, a global platform where users can integrate all their mobile activities on one platform.

“We are currently growing our mobile business 100 per cent a year, and reinvesting the profits in the group,” he says.



2012-04-11 10:32

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