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A "must-do" list for 2012

World News Publishing Focus

World News Publishing Focus
Your Guide to the Changing Media Landscape

A "must-do" list for 2012

Discussing the changing nature of media, Peter M. Zollman, AIM Group and Classified Intelligence, notes, “It is a Facebook, Twitter and YouTube world, and if you don’t believe that you ought not to be here.”

“I believe in print,” he adds. “I believe that print editions will still be around in 30-40 years. That said, we have to adapt to the new world, and people under 30 rarely pick up a newspaper," he says.

“Online video is the ‘new TV,’” he says. “That’s where it’s all going: video, video, video.”

So, specifically, what should publishers be doing? Zollman cites this “must-do” list for 2012:

  • First of all, get in the game: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. If you’re not doing at least one of these consistently, "get with the program."
  • Engage personally in social media and engage with your advertisers through social media. Follow your advertisers on Facebook.
  • Become “device independent” – and that includes newsprint. Lots of people still come to us for newsprint.
  • Focus on mobile, mobile, mobile. Mobile is absolutely critical to your strategy, Mr. Zollman says. That is not to say "throw out newsprint," but mobile is growing.

Remember: It’s about participation, engagement and distribution

“Ultimately we are about bringing results to advertisers. You do that, and everything else will fall into place,” he says.

Lastly, Mr. Zollman also recommends adding a 24-year-old or even a 19-year-old to your senior management team. “To a 24-year-old, Twitter and Facebook are native, and they understand this stuff the way older executives simply cannot, and that is perhaps the most valuable tip I can give you today,” he says.

In conclusion, he says, “Don’t forget newsprint – it pays all our salaries. Just remember you have to grow beyond it as well.”


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