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“Don’t Dream, Just Go For It!”

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“Don’t Dream, Just Go For It!”

In the beginning of the speech, Tan shows his appreciation for Steve Jobs of Apple Inc. He believes that the lesson learnt from this great man is to be a great storyteller. “It is not enough to have a good idea; we have to sell it to advertisers to make deals,” said Tan.


Then, he explains SPH’s focus on mobile with the analogy of lions. He says that lions usually congregate at waterholes to stalk their prey. In the lion city “Singapore” in which newspapers take up 51% of the expenditure in Singapore, he tells that the reason why SPH bothers with mobile is they are looking for more waterholes and seek to secure themselves right across the border.


Next, Tan explains the phenomenal and exponential growth of mobile and digital and introduces the out-of-home platforms of SPH. “There will be more mobiles than TVs, mobile infiltrates our lives in such a deep way that we rely totally on mobiles these days,” Tan says.


He reckons that having inventory alone is not enough as other media owners can do the same. He believes we need a sustainable competitive advantage that will put us in an elevated position – playing the game in a different league. A change of mindset is thus the key. “Don’t sell inventory, sell ideas. Don’t sell boxes, sell solutions,” Tan says passionately.


Tan then goes on to present to us the “SPH is ON” ideology, which are on air (English and Chinese), on ground, on screen, on mobile, on line, on print (newspapers, magazines, book publishing) that hover around “SPH is ON”. In his opinion, the “SPH is ON” ideology” brings a holistic solution to the brand as it caters to every stage of the customer decision making process: awareness, interest, desire, action and to every touchpoint wherever the customers are.


In the next part, Tan introduces what SPH is doing with mobiles. These include monetization models and engagement models. In the monetization models, highlights are a pricing strategy to encourage people to read the print version, app-vertising on different platforms and app-vertising sites. In the engagement models, it is about creating stickiness with the customers and the deployment of citizen journalists in Stomp (Straits Times Online Mobile Print).


Afterwards, Tan introduces different apps of SPH, including Sport, fashion, radio, before highlighting the importance of QR codes, augmented reality, and games and gamification. He also stresses that we need to be conscious of the impending application of google wallet.


In his conclusion, Tan says that “knowing what’s ahead is only one part of the game, the key is how well you work on it. He encourages us, “Not only to dream big, but just go for it!”



Jolie Ho


2011-11-26 09:38

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