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Global Update and Key Implications on Mobile Media Developments

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Global Update and Key Implications on Mobile Media Developments

Nordqvist thinks that the number of mobile users will exceed that of desktop users in 5 years, and that we are living in an evolutionary age mixed with revolution. He notices that the fastest growing mobile category in Europe by total audience is social networking. To do business successfully, he kindly advices us to “do it simple, do the smallest amount of functionality, and do it well.”


Regarding the updates of mobile advertisement, mobiles have 3% of UK digital display budgets. The search is still leading, but display certainly has the largest growth. Adnetwork battle have begun in US and EU, and this is both an opportunity and threat to us.


In respect of app development, Nordqvist tells that Android revenue is 7% of Apple. “Apple has about 85% to 90% market share of the total dollars spent on mobile apps. Only 1.3% of Android apps are paid, compared with 13.5% of iPhone’s,” he says. There will be mixed pricing models out there. App revenue in 2011 will hit 15.1 billion USD. 81% of all downloads 2011 is free, and 2014 ads will generate 30% of app store revenues.


Nordqvist then gives us his top lists. The first one is the importance on augmented reality (AR) and integrated experience. Next, he highlights a strong business team and sales force to connect with the customers and newspapers. Then, he opines that mobile is clearly becoming a new way people shop in eCommerce. Lastly, Nordqivst talks about the high potential of mobile wallet. Japan and South Korea has already launched it, and Apple is to launch mobile wallet in 2012.


In his conclusion, Nordqvist strongly recommends "Digital Frenemies" for aspiring individuals. "Digital Frenemies" is a bimonthly Media Business Intelligence Review published by WAN-IFRA and is "the indispensable companion for decision makers who want to take publishing to the next level.” The upcoming issue will cover “How Aftonbladet’s digital strategy has made them a winner.”


Jolie Ho


2011-11-25 04:43

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