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KOMPAS’s Cross-Media Coverage on the Ring of Fire Expedition

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KOMPAS’s Cross-Media Coverage on the Ring of Fire Expedition

Subagyo gives an introduction of KOMPAS firstly. Established since 1965, it is a member of Kompas Gramedia Group in Indonesia. was established in 1998. Kompas TV was just launched on 9 Sep 2011. The company is number one is terms of awareness, readership and market share.


“KOMPAS employs journalistic coverage models that combine adventure, research, exploration and engagement of experts to produce a comprehensive and in-depth report”. Last year, KOMPAS was the silver award winner of Asian Digital Media Awards 2011,” said Subagyo.


Subagyo then zeros in on the Ring of Fire 2011 expedition route after he has briefly talked about the geographical situation of Indonesia. The country is located in the frontline of three plates. As a result, collisions among those plates often happen.


The Ring of Fire 2011 expedition is to explore 12 disaster-prone locations in Indonesia. It is KOMPAS’ 12th and longest expedition ever, and is going to take place from September 2011 to August 2012. It will be presented as cross-media coverage after the journey. Multiplatform choices will be offered for audiences to enjoy the contents. Blog competition and online quiz will be organized to encourage the public to read the related articles in print and on the website. Interested parties can also follow the trail on web to see the expedition team journey behind the scenes. The Kompas Cincin Api for iPad and Kompas Ring of Fire for iPad will also be launched to increase its popularity.


In his conclusion, Subagyo highlights the key success factors in the project, which are a strong team leader, highly motivated team member and long term sponsorship engagement to advertisers and long-term sponsorship engagement to advertisers. In his opinion, it is important to have journalists who are "capable to enrich the presentation creatively and meet deadlines" and a business team who can "develop and sell cross media advertising solutions and packages."


Jolie Ho


2011-11-24 10:48

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