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Print and online are “different animals” – the argument against newsroom integration

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Print and online are “different animals” – the argument against newsroom integration

Why? VN has two separate brands for online and print, so management believes they deserve separate teams. “You can’t work for Coca-Cola and Sprite at the same time,” explains Editor-in-Chief Christian Ortner, speaking in session 5 of the World Editors Forum, "Integration: the latest experiments in a multi-platform age."
“You need to concentrate on that one brand,” he adds.
Rooted in the belief that online and print are two “different animals,” Ortner lists the many different challenges and conditions that the two media encounter on a daily basis. Most obviously, since newspapers have just one deadline, rather than online’s constant 24/7 drive, they are able to write more time-consuming investigative pieces rather than meeting the group’s three-minute-rule for online publication.
To maintain a reason for readers to buy the paper, the print product incorporates exclusive content not available elsewhere, including on the group’s own website. However, Ortner believes that, besides different content, the newspaper offers a very different experience to the reader.

A printed newspaper “has a beginning and an end," rather than the ongoing, developing news narration available online. The paper yields an overview of the local area’s daily news in just one 30-minute sitting.
Although the vast majority of the newspaper’s content appears online as well as in print, it is the choice of the online editor as to where on the website this content appears. In addition to this content, the online team also has its own editorial team of 10 people, including four mobile journalists, tasked with finding news stories that can be published immediately.
Those mobile journalists also provide the website with hyperlocal news. This news is then reprinted as smaller hyperlocal newspapers, proving that whilst it is possible to keep the two brands separate, the two media – print and online – even in an unintegrated newsroom, still need one another.

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Louise Hallman


2011-10-14 15:41

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